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The NVIDIA Jetson product range – above the development kits, below the SoM (System on Modules)

AI for Embedded Systems: NVIDIA Jetson SoM’s in Comparison


NVIDIA® Jetson™ is the world's leading platform for artificial intelligence "at the edge". Syslogic uses the SoMs (System on Modules) in its robust embedded systems and thus supports the breakthrough of autonomous machines and vehicles. Thanks to Syslogic systems, NVIDIA technology can be used even under demanding environmental conditions.

Everything to get started quickly with AI applications

NVIDIA's Jetson didn't win through on its clever SoMs alone. Customers also benefit from NVIDIA's comprehensive software. Here, the Jetson developer kits use the same software stacks as the Jetson modules. This allows software development to start early with a developer kit and then be seamlessly finalized in the production device.

The NVIDIA Jetson developer kits and modules, together with Jetpack SDK (Software Development Kit), provide everything needed to quickly and efficiently get started with AI applications. Thanks to the comprehensive software environment, NVIDIA’s Jetson platform significantly reduces software development costs for AI solutions.

All Jetson variants come as complete SoM (System on Module) with CPU, GPU, PMIC, DRAM, and flash memory. They offer unparalleled performance and energy efficiency in a small form factor. For each performance class there is a Jetson module suitable for the task, be that AI-based network video recorders, automatic optical inspection (AOI), or autonomous robots and vehicles.

From Jetson Nano to Jetson Orin

The Jetson portfolio was developed to enable deep learning and inferencing "at the edge". It includes the compact Jetson Nano module, the Jetson TX2 series for AI and computing functions, the Jetson Xavier NX module with supercomputer-level power in a small form factor and the Jetson AGX Xavier series for autonomous machines, robots and vehicles. Finally, the newest members of the Jetson product family are the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ modules.

For jumping into AI development - especially software development - the Developer Kits, purchased directly from NVIDIA and its retailers, are the ideal way to go. When it comes to finalizing the hardware for an industrial application, Syslogic is the place to turn to. Syslogic offers robust, durable embedded systems on a variety of Jetson platforms.

The following is an overview of the various Jetson modules.

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