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Online RMA request

To register a defective Syslogic product for analysis or repair, please proceed as follows:

Fill in the RMA request (Return Material Authorization)

1.   Click on the RMA online request form link.

2.  Explain the defect of the device as well as a detailed description how it happened (In German or English).

3.  By using the RMA request the user confirms to understand and accept the terms and conditions of the Service Policy and the general warranty and RMA conditions.

Return Authorization

Please allow two work days for your request to be processed. Syslogic will get back to you with following information:

  • An RMA number (which serves as your reference number)
  • Further instructions regarding shipping


  • The defective product must be packed according to industry standards (ESD requirements). Please ensure that you use the original packaging if possible. It should be noted that the product packaging is not transport packaging. Therefore, always use additional, stable outer packaging with bubble wrap (or similar) for shipping.
  • Only return the defective device (no accessories such as cables, adapters, third-party products, etc.). If accessories are necessary for the reason of the defect, enclose them well labeled with the delivery and note it on the delivery papers.
  • The RMA number must be clearly visible on the packaging or delivery bill.
  • Afterwards you will receive the delivery address from us to return the device. Syslogic will organize the pickup by a carrier on request (or if necessary).

Important: Syslogic does not accept returns directly to any of its locations without an RMA.

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