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Syslogic team won a Red Dot for the design of the AI Rugged Computer RS A3N

Red Dot Design Week with Syslogic

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Patrik Hellmüller

The big live event had to be suspended because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, the winners of the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2021 are celebrating worldwide. Among them the Syslogic project team, whose AI Rugged Computer RS A3N was awarded the coveted Red Dot. Yesterday, just in time for the start of the Red Dot Design Week, the project team met and celebrated on a small scale. Raphael Binder, CEO of Syslogic, says: "We will definitely make up for the big party."

The AI Rugged Computer RS A3N (AI stands for artificial intelligence) is one of the most robust embedded systems based on Nvidia Jetson technology. The rugged computer meets protection class IP69. This means that it is shock and vibration resistant as well as dust and waterproof. It is suitable for use in construction and agricultural machinery, mining vehicles, or outdoor applications where the unit is exposed to weather conditions.

The jury found: "This computer impressively unites high performance potential with a pronounced elegance."

The Syslogic computer will be on display at the Red Dot Design Museum Essen during the winning exhibitions "Design on Stage" and "Milestones in Contemporary Design" until 31 May 2022.

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