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Accurate to the centimetre: Syslogic adds RTK capability to AI computer

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Patrik Hellmüller

With the breakthrough of artificial intelligence at the edge, RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology is becoming increasingly important for mobile systems. RTK makes it possible to determine the position of a vehicle or machine with centimetre-level precision. This is an essential feature for autonomous mobile robots and vehicles.

Easy to integrate, no need for additional hardware

Syslogic relies on the technology of the specialist u-blox and has created a technologically interesting and cost-effective solution. The AI Rugged Computer RS A4NA can now be configured with up to two integrated u-blox receivers. By integrating RTK directly into the edge device, the user saves time, money and space. As a further highlight, Syslogic has integrated a heading function. This allows not only the position, but also the rotation angle of a vehicle or machine to be precisely determined.  

For this Syslogic uses u-blox ZED-F9P and -F9H modules in its rugged computer. The two modules are interconnected. The F9P by itself is an accurate GNSS receiver that receives positioning data from satellites. In combination with the ZED-F9H multi-band GNSS heading module and u-blox’ own PointPerfect correction data service, it is possible to determine the angle of rotation and position with an accuracy of up to three centimetres. On customer request, Syslogic integrates the ZED-F9R module with integrated dead-reckoning function.

Versatile applications in agricultural technology or construction machinery

With the new rugged computer, Syslogic is targeting users in the agricultural and construction machinery sectors, as well as autonomous mobile robots. Whether fields are being worked autonomously, construction machinery is moving autonomously in remote areas or AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) are navigating through a warehouse, the precise determination of position and rotation angle using RTK and heading is essential.

The Rugged Computer RS A4NA delivers AI computing power with the NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform. Complemented by sensor technology, the AI Rugged Computer RS A4NA is a smart and cost-optimized hardware solution for autonomous systems. Syslogic Product Manager Michael Jung says: "It has never been easier for OEMs and system integrators to implement RTK and heading”. According to Jung, customer demand for the new devices is correspondingly high.

Syslogic's first device equipped with u-blox modules is the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano-based RS A4NA. The more powerful Jetson Orin NX and Jetson AGX Orin based devices will shortly also support RTK and can already be ordered today.

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