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Syslogic AI Rugged Computer with four Sterelabs cameras connected

Stereolabs ZED X now compatible with AI Rugged Computer RML A3/A4AGX series

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Syslogic's embedded systems, combined with Stereolabs' ZED-X cameras, will provide the basis for future computer vision applications. Associating Syslogic embedded rugged PCwith multiple ZED-X cameras enables advanced 3D vision and spatialunderstanding in the harsh environmental conditions of Railway, Agriculture,Construction Machinery and Mobile Robotics.

The ultimate combination

Syslogic Rugged computers are specifically designed for construction machinery such as excavators, dump trucks, mining vehicles, or motor graders. They are also frequently used in agricultural vehicles, in mining, and in railway vehicles. Accordingly, the AI-enabled rugged computers withstand large temperature fluctuations, humidity, dust, as well as high shock and vibration loads – all while operating 24/7.

Syslogic uses an NVIDIA® Jetson AGX module as the platform for the AI Rugged Computer RML A3 or RML A4AGX. It allows the rugged computer to run advanced neural networks in parallel and process data from multiple and synchronized high-resolution sensors.

The ultra rugged and uncompromising design allows the use in the most demanding AI applications on mobile systems as well as in outdoor applications with harsh environmental conditions and guarantees long-term availability.

Associated with ZED X cameras, the RML A3/A4 AGX-Series system can easily be used in vehicles including AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), cars and trucks, buses, special vehicles, but also construction and agricultural machinery

The ZED X has been designed to meet the needs of roboticists working at the bleeding edge. Powered by Global Shutter sensors, a secure GMSL2 connection and a high-performance integrated IMU, the ZED-X has been built to withstand all weather conditions.

They are the ideal choice for medium and large autonomous robots in the agriculture, logistics and construction industries. Those cameras are especially adapted for obstacle detection, crop scouting, object and people tracking, and many more applications.

Typical use-cases

A typical implementation with 4 ZED-X cameras connected to the Syslogic RML A3/A4 AGX allows a 360° surround 3D perception of the environment of the robot with more details and at a lower cost than a LIDAR-based perception system. Raphael Binder, Syslogic CEO, says: "The combination of the ZED-X camera and the RML rugged computer is the ideal basis for further developing intelligent vision applications in harsh environments.”  “We believe that robotics is the future of safe and efficient farming, and by combining our precise sensing capabilities with their computing solutions that are tailor-made for agriculture, we’re ushering in that future today”,  said Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO and co-founder of Stereolabs.

Stereolabs’ ZED X industrial-grade AI stereo camera leverages Syslogic's AI rugged computer Series to operate in all manner of weather and terrain. Whether you are using that configuration for robotics, computer vision, or something else entirely, Stereolabs cameras and Syslogic embedded PC  are a powerful combination that can help you achieve your goals.

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