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Stereo camera by Stereolabs in front of a Syslogic AI Embedded System.

Syslogic and Stereolabs join forces: Upleveling vision and understanding for autonomous machines

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Patrik Hellmüller

Embedded specialist Syslogic and Stereolabs, a pioneer in vision-based sensing technology, today announced a strategic partnership to combine their technologies. Syslogic's embedded computers and Stereolabs' stereo cameras complement each other perfectly, enabling machines and vehicles to see, recognise and orientate themselves autonomously.

Computer vision solution for harsh environments

Both Stereolabs and Syslogic are members of AI pioneer NVIDIA's partner programme. While Syslogic's AI-enabled embedded systems are able to make decisions with virtually no latency, Stereolabs uses stereoscopy to provide 3D and depth recognition.  

"We are delighted to be working with Syslogic to pave the way for new applications in autonomous robotics," says Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO and co-founder of Stereolabs. “Ultimately, robotics equipped with our technologies will be able to execute complex tasks more efficiently and accurately than ever. These capabilities are critical as industries from agriculture to construction contend with rising demand, labor shortages, and challenging working conditions."

In addition to the clever AI-based technology, Stereolabs and Syslogicboth pay particular attention to the robustness of their products. Each company’s hardware solutions ’are mainly used in harsh environments. Typical markets include agriculture, construction equipment and mobile robots.

Driving technological change together

Syslogic and Stereolabs have joined forces to advance 3D vision. Mobile robots combined with computer vision are opening up applications ranging from precision farming and intelligent harvesting to autonomous farming. Syslogic's rugged AI computers and Stereolabs' ZED stereo cameras are also ideal for autonomous construction machines or mobile robots.

In addition to Stereolabs stereo cameras, Syslogic's NVIDIA Jetson-based embedded systems can be coupled with other sensors such as lidar or radar. The systems can also be connected to a vehicle's bus system via CAN, and RTK (Real Time Kinematic) is available via multi-band GNSS. Vehicles and machines can thus be located or positioned with centimetre accuracy.

Stereolabs shares the same values as Syslogic, adds Raphael Binder, CEO of Syslogic. He says: "I look forward to working with Stereolabs to advance computer vision and take the world a step further".

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