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Rugged Computer by Syslogic, aluminum housing, logotype of IoT Edge Comuting Exellence Award

Syslogic receives the "IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award 2023"

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John E. Caruso

Embedded specialist Syslogic has just won the "IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award 2023". The award is presented annually by IoT Evolution World, a leading web platform for IoT and edge computing. The award recognises companies that are leaders in the growing edge computing market. Companies that provide edge solutions that drive real-time computing, data availability, analytics, AI and machine learning for edge devices.

Award-winning rugged computer based on NVIDIA Jetson Orin Nano

Syslogic has won the IoT Edge Computing Excellence Award for the RPC RS A4NA AI Rugged Computer. This is an AI-powered embedded system from the proven Syslogic Rugged Series. The rugged computer is based on the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ Nano and has four GMSL2 inputs. This makes it suitable for use with GMSL2 cameras and GMSL2 stereo cameras.

The Rugged Computer RPC RS A4NA has a specially designed carrier board that meets high shock and vibration requirements. To protect the electronics from moisture, humidity and dust, the embedded system has a rugged housing with screwable M12 connectors. The waterproof unit is certified to IP67 and is often used in agricultural vehicles, excavators or mining vehicles.

"I'm honored to congratulate Syslogic on their innovation and contribution to this, rapidly evolving industry," said Carl Ford, community developer at awards organizer IoT Evolution World.

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