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Written text: Transforming tomorrows technology into reality. Picture: Smart City with connected cars Platform for AI-enabled embedded systems

Patrik Hellmüller

Syslogic has established a completely new field within a few years with their NVIDIA-based AI-enabled systems. Nowadays, the AI computers of the NVIDIA Preferred Partner are used in trains and mobile robots as well as in construction and agricultural machinery. – new web presence as a statement

Raphael Binder, CEO of Syslogic, says: “Our embedded computers serve as the hardware basis for making tomorrow’s trends a reality and for tackling fundamental challenges of our time.” The AI-enabled industrial computers are used wherever artificial intelligence is needed “at the edge” under difficult environmental conditions. Autonomous agricultural robots that detect and mechanically remove weeds are a current application example. They can massively reduce the use of pesticides. Moreover, AI computers are used for autonomous control of construction machinery as well as intelligent monitoring of trains.

In recent years, Syslogic has evolved into a highly specialized tech company. This is also reflected in the new web presence It puts the focus on AI-enabled embedded systems. It clearly presents the comprehensive product portfolio. In addition, Syslogic also highlights possible application areas, reports on the latest technology trends in a blog, and offers customers downloads such as data sheets and firmware. A video has been integrated into the website as a central element. It provides a quick glimpse into the world of AI computing.

Jetson Module by NVIDIA

The AI computers are based on NVIDIA’s Jetson modules. Syslogic combines them with its own carrier boards and robust housing. As a hardware manufacturer, Syslogic designs and manufactures its own devices in Germany and Switzerland. This vertical range of manufacture enables Syslogic to implement customer-specific requirements quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, the company tests and qualifies its products for the various markets. This way, Syslogic offers its customers an attractive comprehensive package.

Raphael Binder says: “AI-enabled industrial computers are already a mainstay. With the new website, we will raise more awareness of our steadily growing product portfolio and expand our market presence.” At the same time, Binder emphasizes that the existing X86-based product lines would also be further developed. Syslogic will launch a new product family based on the Intel Atom Elkhart Lake processor before the end of the first half of 2022.

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