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Ultra ruggedized AI embedded box-pc for construction machinery or vehicles

AI Rugged Computer RS A2N: Compact, robust, for mobile use

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Syslogic offers AI-assisted embedded systems for mobile applications. They are the hardware base for intelligent decision-making without human intervention and without connection to the cloud. Accordingly, Syslogic devices can be used for intelligent assistance systems, for autonomous driving, or for intelligent video analytics. With the AI Rugged Computer RS A2N, Syslogic presents an embedded system for extreme environmental conditions.

Entry-level rugged computer

The new rugged computer is based on the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX2 NX. The recently unveiled platform combines the performance of Jetson TX2 with the compact form factor of Jetson Nano. This makes the Rugged Computer RS A2N the perfect entry-level AI-enabled rugged computer.

Michael Jung, Product Manager for Syslogic explains: “Compared to the Jetson Nano, the Jetson TX2 NX module with its newer Pascal architecture can easily handle perception or intelligent vision applications with up to 12 full HD cameras, each with different deep learning networks. This makes Jetson TX2 NX the perfect entry-level platform for vehicle applications.”

As with the Jetson AGX Xavier based rugged computers, Syslogic is not making any compromises with the new RS A2N. Syslogic combines the NVIDIA module with its own carrier board, which was specifically developed for vehicle use. To protect the electronics against moisture, humidity, and dust, the rugged computer features a robust IP67-rated housing with screw-on M12 connectors. Furthermore, a Gore vent element ensures pressure equalization inside the device and thus prevents dew formation during rapid temperature fluctuations. The RS A2N does not have any moving parts and is shock and vibration resistant. This makes it suitable for 24/7 operation in temperatures ranging from –25 to +70 degrees Celsius (–13 to +158 degrees Fahrenheit). It supports CAN J1939. It can also be integrated into ISOBUS networks, making it suitable for agricultural applications.

Michael Jung summarizes: “The Rugged Computer RS A2N is the entry-level model in terms of AI performance, but is just as rugged and durable as the more powerful rugged computers in Syslogic’s portfolio.”

In addition to the robust hardware, another distinguishing feature of the RS A2N is the pre-installed NVIDIA JetPack developer environment, which provides comprehensive tools and libraries. The time-to-market for future AI applications is thus reduced many times over. It sets the perfect stage for AI to become established in construction and agricultural machinery as well as in outdoor applications.

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