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InnoTrans Banner 2022, Innotrans Logo; Date: 20–23 September 2022; Location: Berlin

InnoTrans 2022: Intelligent vision in railway vehicles – Syslogic AI Railway Computer

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Patrik Hellmüller

The AI Railway Computer RSL A3 is based on a Jetson AGX Xavier module by NVIDIA®. The Railway Computer is specifically designed to meet the requirements of railway vehicles and is suitable for demanding computer vision applications such as autonomous driving, object and signal recognition, or AI-enabled Video Analytics (AVA).  

The AI Railway Computer RSL A3 meets all common railway standards, including EN50155 and fire protection standard EN45545. The AI computer also features a galvanically isolated voltage input. Syslogic’s proprietary boards of the embedded system are protected against condensation through conformal coating.

With the AI Railway Computer, Syslogic is making NVIDIA Jetson technology fit for use in the railway industry. NVIDIA Jetson is a leading platform for artificial intelligence “at the edge”. For a quick start into AI applications, the railway computer comes with pre-installed NVIDIA Jetpack SDK (software development kit) including Linux operating system (L4T).

Visit Syslogic at InnoTrans 2022 in Berlin! Hall 27, Booth 311

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