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Logo Syslogic
Syslogic CEO Raphael Binder, light blue shirt, standing at a desk

We have reinvented ourselves. BANG!

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Raphael Binder

Raphael Binder, CEO of Syslogic, about the rebranding:

Let’s turn future trends into reality! For us at Syslogic, this is more than just a claim. This sentence is both a message and a driving force. We are thoroughly convinced that with our AI-enabled embedded systems, we are making a small but important contribution to taking the world to the next level. In collaboration with our customers, we turn outstanding ideas into reality. It fills me with pride when I see that our embedded computers are helping agriculture get by with less pesticides, that cities are clean, or that the energy efficiency of mobility has improved. Syslogic’s AI-enabled embedded computers coupled with sensors and our customers’ software are facilitating breakthroughs across all sectors.

It is very important to me to do something meaningful. Making a difference together. Moving forward together. For me, that means growing with our employees, with our customers, with our suppliers, and with our partners. It also means creating new motivation every day.

With the new image, we have streamlined the Syslogic brand and product strategy. We are looking resolutely to the future. At the same time, we assure you that we care about the intrinsic values that you have come to appreciate about Syslogic so far. Long-term, partnership-based, passionate, smart, and agile – that’s what we are all about.

It is made possible by Syslogic’s uniqueness. As a tech company, our perpetual curiosity ensures that we maintain our start-up spirit. However, as a family business with 37 years of solid experience, we are also perfectly positioned. Ideal conditions for developing embedded computers with passion. With their functionally minimalist design and sophisticated technology, they definitely deliver that wow factor. After all, Syslogic’s goal is to always exceed customer requirements.

Let’s turn future trends into reality together!

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