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Rugged Computer by Syslogic, Aluminium housing, IP67, M12 connectors

Sylogic introduces rugged computer based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Industrial

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John E. Caruso

Just in time for Computex, Asia's largest IT trade show, Syslogic introduces the first embedded system based on the new NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin™ Industrial System-on-Module (SoM). Syslogic is a preferred partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network and offers robust AI-powered embedded systems. These perform inference and intelligent vision tasks in mobile robots, construction equipment, agricultural, mining and special-purpose vehicles, and trains.

Jetson AGX Orin Industrial for use in extreme environmental conditions

The latest member of NVIDIA's Jetson family, the Jetson AGX Orin Industrial is designed for harsh environments. It features 275 TOPS of AI processing power and 32 GB of RAM. This makes the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin Industrial eight times more powerful than the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™ Industrial. The system-on-module (SoM) consumes only 15 to 75 watts of power. This unique combination of form factor, performance, power efficiency and ruggedness opens the door to a new generation of autonomous machines and vehicles.

Rugged computer – resistant to dust, moisture, and vibration

Syslogic presents the RPC RSL A4AGX rugged computer based on the new Jetson AGX Orin Industrial module. It is suitable for temperatures from –40 to +70 degrees Celsius. The Rugged Computer RPC RSL A4AGX is IP67 and IP69 certified. Syslogic combines the NVIDIA module with a proprietary carrier board designed for high shock and vibration requirements. To protect the electronics from moisture, water and dust, the industrial computers have an extremely robust housing and screwable M12 connectors. In addition, a GORE ventilation element provides pressure equalisation inside the units. This makes the rugged computer one of the most rugged NVIDIA Jetson-based devices available in the world today.

With its integrated NVIDIA Ampere graphics processor, the RPC RSL A4AGX rugged computer can process data from multiple high-resolution sensors in near real time. This makes it suitable for demanding edge AI applications in robots, autonomous vehicles and machines.

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