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Syslogic Rugged AI Computer. 3/4 View, Aluminium housing, many connectors

NVIDIA Jetson Based Embedded System: Syslogic combines rugged computing with AI

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John E. Caruso

With the versatile interfaces and high-end performance of NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier™, the AI Rugged Computer RPC RML A3 is ideal for computer vision tasks – and therefore as a hardware basis for autonomous applications. Sensors such as lidar or radar are integrated via serial interfaces and Ethernet. Up to eight cameras can be connected via GMSL2 (Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™), and the resulting data can be processed with practically zero latency thanks to GPU-accelerated computing power. GMSL is a high-speed communication protocol from the automotive field. It offers the high bandwidth and data integrity required by driver assistance systems. Only a single cable is needed to supply power and transmit data (power over coax). Furthermore, the signals of the connected sensors can be precisely coordinated via the PPS master (pulse per second).

CAN and Ethernet interfaces

Four Ethernet interfaces are configured for PoE (Power over Ethernet). They each have separate NICs (network interface controller). In addition, the RPC RML A3 has CAN interfaces, supports CAN J1939 and can be integrated into ISOBUS networks.

The AI Rugged Computer RPC RML A3 is optionally available with WiFi 6, 4G or 5G.  High-accuracy GNSS can be added with an expansion module developed by Syslogic. This allows the device to locate itself via RTK (real time kinematics) with centimeter precision, including the rotation angle (heading) of the device.

Possible applications: Object detection and autonomous driving

With up to eight GMSL2 camera inputs and four PoE inputs, the rugged computer is well equipped to handle demanding computer vision applications. Object, signal and hazard detection are among the potential application areas, as are driver assistance systems. The rugged computer is used in vehicles as well as in CCTV applications and transportation technology.

The RPC RML A3 complies with protection class IP67. Syslogic has combined the NVIDIA module with a proprietary carrier board that fulfills the same high shock and vibration requirements as the rest of the device. To protect the electronics against moisture, humidity, and dust, the rugged PC features a robust housing with screw-on M12 connectors. Furthermore, a Gore vent element ensures pressure equalization inside the device. The AI Rugged Computer RPC RML A3 is the highest performance product variant. Syslogic customers frequently use this version for testing purposes and then decide on a function-optimized version of the rugged computer tailored to their specific needs.

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