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Full HD GMSL2 camera in black housing, supplied with IP67 M12 lens.

e-Con Systems STURDeCAM21 GMSL2 evaluation kit

e-Con Systems STURDeCAM21 GMSL2 evaluation kit

STURDeCAM21 is a Full HD GMSL2 HDR camera It has an automotive-grade Full HD CMOS sensor with a well-tuned Image Signal Processor (ISP) that produces exceptional image quality. This camera is based on the 1/2.5" AR0233AT CMOS image sensor with the new 3.0 μm dual conversion gain BSI pixel technology from Onsemi®. Its High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability ensures reliable images even in challenging outdoor lighting conditions. It also comes with the LFM (LED Flicker Mitigation) feature ensuring accurate image capture of images with pulsed light sources like LEDs. This camera – which comes with an IP67-rated enclosure – is supplied with an M12 lens and a 15m cable.

This e-Con Systems camera is ideally suited for Syslogic AI computers with GMSL2 camera inputs.



Camera features

  • Full HD camera, IP67 enclosure, GMSL2 interace
  • IP67 shielded FAKRA cable for transmission of both power and data for long distance (up to 15 meters)
  • Synchronous operation when used with multiple cameras
  • On-board ISP for excellent image quality even in low light environments
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) and LFM (LED flicker mitigation) on NVIDIA Jetson
  • Uncompressed UYVY streaming

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Kit contents

GMSL2 cameras require tight driver integration with the host system and do not work plug and play. Contact us for the necessary drivers

Once the exact camera tyoe, FOV and focus distance is determined, glued IP-rated cameras can be purchased from e-Con Systems.