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microSD card (SSD storage) with Cactus Technologies sign, 32GB version

Cactus Technologies 240 Series - MLC microSD

Cactus Technologies 240 Series - MLC microSD

The Cactus Technologies flash memory cards in the microSD form factor from the Cactus 240 Series impress with their robustness, durability and an attractive price-performance ratio. The microSD cards are based on an MLC (Multi Level Cell) flash. Thanks to clever firmware with integrated write abort handling and error correction code, the SSD (Solid State Drive) memories achieve high write and read cycles (write endurance).

The Cactus Technologies NAND flash solutions are perfectly suited for IoT gateways, vehicle automation or network devices.




  • Formatted capacity range: 8, 16 and 32GB
  • Form factor: microSD Card
  • Interface: SD Card
  • Memory Type: MLC NAND (15nm Toshiba)


  • Sequential Read: 85MB/S
  • Sequential Write: 25MB/S (8/16GB) 50MB/S (32GB)


  • Standard Temperature: (C): –25°C bis 85°
  • Operating Shock: 50G
  • Vibration: 15G